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Came to this location on referral from a friend! Upon arrival Miranda was extremely helpful! Very polite, professional and explained everything in a detailed manner! After being called on the entire staff was extremely knowledgeable and very informative! Would recommend this location to anyone looking for their next visit to get a check up or exam!
3 days ago
- Kevin A.
Everyone was so nice and professional! Highly recommend!!!
4 days ago
- LadyBird E.
I came in as a walk in expecting long wait time and I left with a whole different experience. Miranda was very efficient, helpful, and professional she treated me wonderfully and I will be making the drive all the way out to come back annually due to her amazing customer service. She was working in the front but if her boss was smart, she would be promoted she knows what she’s doing and loves her job and quite frankly it was refreshing to see.
6 days ago
- Renissa R.
The front desk receptionist was very kind. Took little to no time to get called back which was a pleasant surprise given its a doctors office. Miranda was the technician who helped me do my pre testing and helped ease my nerves before seeing the doctor. I’m old school so I asked to not be dilated and Miranda explained to me about their new high tech machine that takes pictures of my eyes. I did not know how easy it was to get my eyes checked and to be in and out was very pleasant! Overall, I cannot express enough this positive professional encounter.
6 days ago
- tommy.camden
The ladies here are awesome! Miranda explained my insurance benefits in details(which let’s be realistic, who actually knows their benefits ahead of time ?). Veronica(I think that was her name) was very kind when I explained my issues with my contacts and did a great job helping me explain it to Dr Cerrellio. Dr Cerrellio recommended a different style of contacts that feels way better than my old prescription, will make this my new go to eye doctor!
6 days ago
- Chris S.
Came in as a walk in and was greeted by Miranda at the front desk. She was professional and helped me get checked in almost immediately. The technician who saw me was kind as well, I do not remember her name but she made me feel comfortable while getting through my medical history. Dr.Graham took his time with my appointment and answered all my questions thoroughly. Will recommend my friends and family to this practice.
6 days ago
- Lisa V.
Customer service was very well , offered advice and more 🙂
7 days ago
- Brooklyn H.